Heidi Montag Aims High, Says Album Is As Good As Thriller

As I'm sure we are all totally aware, Spencer Pratt fancies himself something of a rapper, going by the name Big White, claiming to be the white Jay-Z and challenging Asher Roth to a battle.

Now, it would seem a little of Spencer's talk-a-big-game act has rubbed off on his wife, Hills alumnus and burgeoning pop singer, Heidi Montag.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Montag claims her debut album Superficial can go toe-to-toe with Michael Jackson's record-breaking, chart-torching 1982 juggernaut, Thriller.

After noting Thriller as an influence on her dance-pop sound, Montag is asked by EW if she thinks Superficial stands up to Thriller, as an album. She responds, "I definitely do. I think people might not see it now, because it's my first album coming out. But I've spent as much time-maybe more, even-than Thriller."

For as insane as that might sound, it's strangely endearing to hear someone talk about the aesthetic value of what they're doing being tied to the amount of time they spent making it. And, for that matter, the money they spent on it (Heidi claims to have gone broke, spending 2 million dollars on Superficial's production).

Only you and time can be the judge. Is Superficial as good as Thriller (yes, I'm asking)? It's came out yesterday, so report back with your findings!

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