Justin Bieber Throws Up, Eats It On 'Silent Library'

It doesn't take a swagger coach to make Justin Bieber a badass. Puking and eating it makes Justin Bieber a badass. Which is exactly what happens (spoiler alert!) when Justin Bieber takes the wrong end of Asher Roth's dare on tomorrow's all-new episode of Silent Library.

Watch Justin Bieber attempt to down what LOOKS like a chocolate milkshake but definitely isn't. It's a gnarly, nightmare combo of wonton soup, an egg roll, delectable soy sauce (for flavor!), and a fortune cookie in this off-the-menu selection from Asher Roth's turn on Silent Library. (Spoiler: Justin Bieber's a straight GANGSTER!)

Then tune in to watch the full episode of Silent Library with Asher Roth and Justin Bieber tomorrow, Wednesday, January 13 at 6:30 PM ET/PT on MTV.