Song You Need To Know: Kat DeLuna, 'Push Push'

The first thing you may happen to notice about Kat DeLuna's "Push Push" is how, well, Lady-like it is. Now I'm not saying that the Dominican pop-singer is biting Lady Gaga's style (never that), but it definitely sounds like she might be studying Gaga's playbook a bit. Let's break it down.

"Push Push," the first single from DeLuna's Inside Out album (no official release date on that yet), starts out with some "oh-oh-oh's" that wouldn't sound out of place on a Gaga record. The pulsing keyboards that mate pop melodies with dancefloor dynamics mirror Gaga backing tracks like "Bad Romance," and even the dancefloor-as-emotional-landscape lyrical motif is very Lady. And, of course, Akon's on "Push Push," and Gaga and Akon have history.

To be fair, DeLuna's connection is way more sincere than just simply trying to cop what's hot. Her debut album, 2007's 9 Lives, was actually produced by Gaga's go-to producer, RedOne. So there's definitely some history there too. "Push Push" was produced by Radio, but it still contains some of RedOne's signature sounds.

Despite all the above hand wringing, "Push Push" is a pretty sultry piece of dance pop. So what do you think? Let us know in the comments! And while you're at it, have at Kat's 2007 video for "Whine Up."

+ Listen to Kat DeLuna's "Push Push" here.