New Interview: Ke$ha Is Psychic, Haunted By Ghosts

(Credit: Liza Chrust / MTV)

A star as bright as Ke$ha's clearly didn't come about by way of earthly pursuits. Aside from making questionable lifestyle choices -- passing out in the bathtub, brushing her teeth with Jack, puking in Paris Hilton's closet, continually mistreating her speakers, not wearing a seatbelt, and generally not getting enough sleep -- the secret to be being Ke$ha actually lies in the supernatural... and scuba diving... And Ke$ha's had plenty of experience with both.

In this new episode of "The 5," Ke$ha reveals what she inherently knew you were already wondering about -- her psychic powers. You'll also hear about her hardcore, unbridled enthusiasm for scuba diving. And then things really start to get weird. See, Ke$ha's a haunted woman. Some annoying-ass ghost has been boo-ing and woo-ing her every night in her dreams. (Sounds like a Beyonce song to me.) Thing is, the ghost clearly HATES long flights. Which means if Ke$ha moves to London at some point in the near future, it's probably because she's doing some ghostbusting.

Watch Ke$ha's new interview to see what the hell I'm talking about.