Friday Flashback: Radiohead Play 'Fake Plastic Trees' Live On '120 Minutes'

Friday eve, kids. It's time to pile into Doc Brown's Delorean and do a little time traveling. Back to purposely shoddy dye jobs, second-hand clothes, and the first wave of major label alt rock.

When Radiohead released their second album, The Bends, in 1995, they were, on these shores, living out the twilight of their one-hit-wonder ("Creep") status.

Propelled by the heartbreaking falsetto and epiphany-inducing crescendo of "Fake Plastic Trees," The Bends became one of those every-few-years albums whose commercial success matches the critical plaudits thrown its way. They went on to become... well they went on to become Radiohead!

This performance of "Fake Plastic Trees" is taken from MTV's 120 Minutes back in 1996. Five more albums, countless life-changing shows and groundbreaking videos and industry shaking career moves later, it still screws with your head to watch these shy, awkward Oxford kids make their way through the song that would change their lives.