New We The Kings Video! 'King's Carriage: Kickball With The Kings'

When we last left Florida emo-rockers We The Kings on their comedic travelogue, The King's Carriage, Travis Clark and Hunter Thomsen were discussing their secret guitar language and how they use it to mock drummer Dan Duncan (without his knowledge).

In this new episode we turn our eyes to the wide world of sports. Or at least kickball. It all starts with Travis checking WTK's email account, only to find that the rest of the band has been invited to play some kickball without him. BURN! Even though he admits kickball isn't his "forte," this exclusion still rankles and he decides to crash the game.

Will Travis' bandmates see the light and pick him for their respective teams? Will we get to see his true quality as a kickballer? You'll have to watch King's Carriage to see.