New Video: RJD2, 'Let There Be Horns'

Attention Yankees third baseman (and occasional Kate Hudson and Madonna paramour) Alex Rodriguez, we have a minotaur sighting (and we know how much you love minotaurs).

The mythical beast (or a guy dressed up like one) is the star of the new video for the song "Let There Be Horns," from post-hip-hop (whoo! new genre alert) producer/artist RJD2.

As videos starring minotaurs go (or really, any man-dressed-as-beast-video), this one is pretty moody. Over the deep funk percussion and strings of RJ's track, we see a rather depressed minotaur go about a rather human day of pill-popping, coffee-guzzling and disappointment.

"Let There Be Horns" is taken from RJD2's fourth full-length, The Colossus, due out later this month.