New Interview: Robin Thicke On Jay-Z, The Game And Treating His Woman Like A Princess

I feel almost embarrassed to be presenting in Robin Thicke in such drab settings. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with our "The 5" set; nothing at all. It's just not very sexy.

For a dude like Thicke, a dude who released an album called Sex Therapy, a dude who channels some of the great bedroom-centric crooners in the history of pop, you'd think we could have conjured up some nice black velvet curtains, some candlelight...maybe some Nag Champa smoke billowing in the background.

Unfortunately all you get is the concentrated sexiness of Thicke and his words of revealing wisdom. In this episode of "The 5," the pop-soul singer talks about working with Jay-Z on the Sex Therapy track "Meiple," what women need at the end of the day (I'll give you a hint: two words, rhymes with "dexterity"), working with The Game on the song "Diamonds," and much more.

Check out this episode of "The 5" below. Sex Therapy is currently in stores now.