MUST-WATCH: Glowpinkstah's 'Avatar' Makeup Tutorial

Okay, I will admit that I'm possibly the last remaining person on (this) earth who hasn't seen Avatar. But I do know makeup tutorials, and I HAVE seen a lot of awesome YouTube videos. And this might be the best one ever. So you MUST watch this Avatar makeup tutorial by Gloria, a Tumblr obsessive, Gaga and Twilight fan and YouTube star -- her YouTube videos caught the eye of George Lopez who had her on Lopez Tonight where she gave Sandra Bullock a makeover and had no problem matching wits with George Lopez himself.

Gloria goes by the name Glowpinkstah on YouTube whose love for Avatar compelled her to create a blue-faced makeup tutorial so you too can look like a resident of Pandora. (Again, haven't seen Avatar yet, so please forgive me if my Na'Vi is a little rusty.)

The video is a LITTLE NSFW, so consider yourself warned (or, consider yourself someone who doesn't have a sense of humor or grasp of parody!) And consider yourself SCHOOLED in Gloria's hilarious, balls-to-the-wall ways. And seriously, SOMEONE give Gloria her own show!

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