Song You Need To Know: Ke$ha, 'Your Love Is My Drug' + Is Ke$ha The New Britney?

How will Ke$ha top "Tik Tok," the breakout smash single which helped her album, Animal, achieve one of the biggest first-week of sales in iTunes history?

Ke$ha could go soft and sensitive, revealing another side of her party girl persona. Or she could continue down the path of brushing her teeth with single-malt whiskey.

Looks like Ke$ha chose the latter. "Your Love Is My Drug," one of our favorite tracks off of Animal, pretty much picks up where "Tik Tok" left off.

"Your Love Is My Drug" is a pounding electro track with a sweet chorus that feels a little bit like Katy Perry's "Waking Up In Vegas." And despite the song being about an obsessive attraction, Ke$ha still manages to make mention of hard-partying and rehab.

Elsewhere on the Internet, the news/opinion site The Awl is weighing in on the importance of Ke$ha and the possibility of her becoming the new Britney Spears; charting her-out-of-nowhere-success with that of "pre-Federline" Brit.

According to writer David Cho, a combination of Ke$ha's inherent talent, her high pedigree of production (Dr. Luke) and, especially, her trashy aesthetic dovetailing with our current popular culture's obsession with shamelessness, could all lead to mega-stardom for L.A. pop brat. Interesting stuff.

What do you think? Could Ke$ha be the new Britney?

+ Listen to Ke$ha's "Your Love Is My Drug" here. And watch Ke$ha buy her new album.