Buzzworthy Obsession: Disco Curtis

First things first: Brendan, bass player for Texas band Disco Curtis, and guitarist Garrett are champions. I see you dudes with your vinyl-polyblend jackets and the sleeves pushed up, and dudes? I applaud you for it.

The look fits; Disco Curtis are practically three-notes and a couple of emo-drenched vocal ticks away from sounding like Rick Springfield or The Outfield ("Your Love" FTW).

Disco Curtis' fun new video for "Ashley" (taken from their album, Play With Fire Get Burned), directed by Saint Productions, is not dissimilar to Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me." It chronicles the timeless, if high-school-centric, themes of nerdery (singer, Tanner) vs. popularity (nameless "Jock") in the battle for a gal's ("Ashley") heart.

Play With Fire... is out now, and Disco Curtis are on a rather relentless touring schedule, so you're bound to catch them soon.