Ke$ha Comes Clean, Talks Diddy, Dinosaurs and D-Bags At A Strip Club

When all the numbers are crunched and the accountants have been paid, Ke$ha's debut album Animal, which came out Tuesday, will probably do big, dumb, stupid, crazy business (largely fueled by her inescapable hit, "Tik Tok").

But that doesn't mean she's taken to flying G4s, eating fancy foods, and forgetting about the little people. No way. In this interview, conducted by Karli From The Block of KIIS FM fame, Ke$ha keeps it pretty gully in one of her "favorite hangs," a strip club called Jumbo's.

Jumbo's is, according to the L.A. pop star, a non-nudity strip joint (which seems a little like a 7-11 without the Big Gulps, but whatevs). After doing a random "Vogue" hand gesture to announce that her album is available for pre-order on iTunes, Ke$ha encourages people to buy the hard copy of the album so that they get an eyeful of her and a dinosaur.

She also talks about Diddy's visit to the studio during the making of "Tik Tok" and then she calls some dude named Steven a "douchebag." Sorry, Steve.

Enjoy the interview and Ke$ha's "Tik Tok" clip below.