Watch Vampire Weekend's 'MTV Unplugged' Performance

In the interest of full premeditated disclosure, it's only right to tell you that we're "Stan"-ing pretty hard for Vampire Weekend these days.

Their new album, Contra, is, incredulously, even better than their formidable, self-titled 2008 debut; it's full of beguiling, charming, lovely jams that pull equally from African pop, Peter Gabriel, Pavement, and snotty punk.

So we're pretty jacked/amped/psyched for their brand-new "MTV Unplugged" performance, which consists of six songs and a selection of interviews.

Watch "A-Punk" and "Cousins" live, and watch the rest of Vampire Weekend's "MTV Unplugged" performance -- including "Oxford Comma," "White Sky," "M79" and "Run."

And watch four exclusive Vampire Weekend interviews from their MTV Unplugged set -- In these two clips, Vampire Weekend talks about making Contra and being not that into Twitter.  (Though you can follow Ezra at his @arZE handle).