Even Cuter Than The Real Thing: Paramore Nesting Dolls

These are going on my shelf next to my Justin Bieber scarf and my We The Kings personalized wrench set (the WTK wrench set doesn't exist, but it should). New frontiers in merch, y'all: Paramore nesting dolls.

I mean any Paramore fan worth their salt already has the Riot! Fingerless Gloves and the Paramore plaid-pattern backpack (all available from Paramore's offical site). Now, for the low-price of $35.00, they can get these full-color, painted nesting dolls along with a nice custom-made box to keep them in when you're not playing house with them.

What I wonder is how did they decide who goes in who? Hayley is the shortest, but did the guys get assigned a doll size based on the real-life height? America needs tah know!

These dolls may run you a few bucks, but music videos here are free of charge; so watch their "Brick By Boring Brick" video, from their amazing Brand New Eyes album.