Video Sneak Peek: Lil Wayne, 'On Fire'

I just got a look at Lil Wayne's new video, "On Fire," and now I can sorta see why he has so many babies. The "On Fire" video plays like a cinematic look at a sexed-up, sizzurp trip under a purple haze. Director Chris Robinson plays up Weezy's willingness to experiment with many a genre, mashing up several concepts and images to create a montage of effects ranging from Beyonce-esque high fashion to Nine Inch Nails lite on the fairly creepy scale... to pre-coital... against a backdrop of a eerie mansion.

Of course, if you've seen Scarface -- I'm lookin' at you, Pauly D -- you know the song's sample from the Amy Holland song, "She's On Fire," featured in that movie. Which is why the song kinda feels like it's straight out of Beverly Hills Cop. Or Fame.

Get a sneak peek at Lil Wayne's brand-new video, "On Fire," off of his much-delayed "Rebirth" rock album, and stay tuned for the full-length video, coming to MTV tomorrow.