Buzzworthy Obsession: Los Campesinos!, 'These Are Listed Buildings' Video

(Credit: Jon Bergman)

Meet Los Campesinos! (if you haven't already): a dazzling British band that you need in your life, like, yesterday. These guys pretty much ran 2008, releasing two (2!) wonderful albums: Hold On Now, Youngster and We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed.

They make wonderfully chaotic indie rock, full of precise, self-lacerating, detailed confessions and a stoked wasp's nest of guitars, strings, keyboards and punky drumming.

Their new album, Romance Is Boring, is due out at the end of January. It's a subtle leap forward for the group, with more complicated song structures and the introduction of more instrumentation (drum machines, horns).

"These Are Listed Buildings" is the second single from Romance Is Boring, and it recently got its own video. The clip, directed by the Focus Creeps, is a left-of-center boy-meets-girl story. It's grainy home-movie photography and manic emotional swings going hand in hand with the deeply personal, deeply pleasing music of the band.

There Are Listed Buildings from Los Campesinos! on Vimeo.