Nevermind the Snuggie. Here Comes The Snuggle Suit! Now With Legs!

If you thought the Snuggie craze died out with 2009, JC Penney's "Snuggle Suit" -- essentially a robe with legs -- is here to slap the silly out your pretty little head. And it's doing so with its two little Snuggie legs. I call B.S. on the name Snuggle Suit, because really, what are the odds that you're actually cozying up to another human being whilst wearing this? It should be called the Loneliness Suit. Or the Survival Suit, because the only legit excuse for wearing this polyester disasterfest is if you have no heat and you might otherwise perish. Even then, you might wanna freeze with dignity. Or freeze in a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Snuggie.

Oh Snuggie. What have you wrought?