New Video: Islands, 'No You Don't,' Featuring Michael Cera

When he's not hanging with the Jersey Shore's Pauly D. and JWOWW or rolling out his new film Youth In Revolt, Michael Cera likes to spend his free time upping his indie-cred by starring in the latest music video by Canadian indie rock band Islands.

Directed by TV Carnage's Derrick Beckles, the video, which is an ironic take on anti-drug public service announcements, has a totally '80s public access feel.

We follow Michael Cera, rocking some leftover threads from his Juno wardrobe (wait, he always dresses like that), as he cops some pills and proceeds to trip the light not-so-fantastic. DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!

Cera has proclaimed his affection for his fellow Canadians, Islands. The track is taken from their 2009 platter, Vapours. Savour Michael Cera's winking irony below.

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