Lady Gaga's A Barbie Girl!

(Credit: Veik)

In case Christmas merriment/ eating/ lethargy caused you to miss these amazing photos of Barbie dressed like Lady Gaga, here they are, for your entertainment. They're not actual Gaga Barbies (unfortunately), but instead they're the work of Veik, a 29-year-old doll enthusiast and skilled DIYer from Beijing.

Veik created painstakingly perfect Barbie-sized versions of Lady Gaga's infamous Jean Charles de Castelbajac Kermit dress, her red lace outfit from the VMAs, her hair bow made of hair, and various exacting iterations of her "Bad Romance" looks, including her Alexander McQueen claw shoe.

Read out an interview with Veik at Joonbug to find out more about how he creates his Gaga Barbie fashions, and check out Veik's Flickr for his amazing Gaga as Barbie Photoshop jobs.