Songs You Need To Know: Lady Gaga Vs. Nirvana And Journey Mashups

Everyone might have taken a bit of time off over these last few weeks, spending time with their loved ones or celebrating your winter holiday of choice. But you know who never takes time off? Mr. Internet, that's who.

Even if you weren't obsessively checking, there were still digital gems being produced from the online mines.

So, let's catch up and feast our eyes and ears on these two inspired mashups featuring Lady Gaga.

The first comes courtesy of DJ duo Bootie, who recently put together this compilation of 2009's best mashups. "Just Stop Believin'" is courtesy of DJ Tripp and features Gaga's "Just Dance" vocal over Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'."

The second mashup comes via DJ Lobsterdust, who got the fine idea of throwing together Gaga's "Poker Face" track with Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" vocal on a mash-up called "Nirgaga."

+ Listen to Lady Gaga vs. Journey's "Just Stop Believin'" here and Lady Gaga vs. Nirvana's "Nirgaga" here