Chris Counts Down Buzzworthy's Top 5 Videos Of The Year -- Number 1: Taylor Swift, 'You Belong With Me'

And then there was one. Quick recap of my Top 5 Vids of 2009: #5: Rihanna, "Russian Roulette," Number 4: Vampire Weekend, "Cousins," Number 3: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, "Heads Will Roll," and Number 2: Handsome Furs, "I'm Confused." And now...

+ Number 1: Taylor Swift, "You Belong With Me"

Gurl! Don't look so surprised! "You Belong With Me" was a teen rom-com (a bunch of teen movies, actually) wrapped up in a music video, wherein Taylor plays two roles (whoa there, Meryl Streep!); one bad brunette, convertible-pushing mean girl, the other a nerd-tastic band geek vying for the attention of the boy of her dreams.

While things don't look so good in the beginning (notes are written with Sharpies and read through windows... because your parents suspended your texting privs or something?) this is, ultimately, a love story, and, baby, he says, "yes." TEAM TAYLOR!