Lady Gaga's Top 5 Looks Of 2009

It was Gaga's year. I know this, you know this, your house pets probably know this. It would be impossible to unpack Lady Gaga's 2009 in its entirety; and besides we've been doing it all year, right?

So why not just take a gander back at Gaga's top 5 most audacious, jaw-dropping, wow-inducing looks? Let's do this:

+ Latex Reindeer Gaga

Gaga got into the holiday spirit in London with this Prancer-Go-Dominatrix get up.

+ Gaga As Pregnant Ballerina

From the pages of Italian Vanity Fair. Gaga was giving us a preview of her look for Francesco Vezzoli's perfomance art (performing art?) installation at the Los Angeles Museum Of Contemporary Art's 30th Anniversary gala.

+ See Through Red Lace With Full-Face Mask/Veil

Upon accepting her award for Best New Artist at the 2009 MTV VMAs, Gaga's insane red ensemble even made Eminem basically go "WTF?"

+ Phantom Of The Opera/VMAs

Another VMA look from Gaga. This one brings to mind Phantom of the Opera meets bird enthusiast. This was the outfit that caught Kermit's eye:

+ Show Her Who's Really Queen Red Rubber Dress

When Gaga met the Queen she went royal, donning an Elizabethan red rubber dress by Atsuko Kudo.

Can't wait to see what Gaga pulls out of her bag of tricks in 2010!