New MTV Photos: Never Shout Never

(Credit: Michele Crowe /MTV)

When we had Never Shout Never's Christofer Drew stop by to answer your queries for our Buzzworthy Blog Fan Interview it was impossible to overlook his nautical The Old Man And The Sea theme to his look.

In these exclusive MTV photos you can see Admiral Drew in all his naval glory. He's got the pea coat, the sailor's cap and, in a mark of true dedication, two anchors tattooed on either hand.

He's also rocking an entire summer's worth of camp-made friendship bracelets and assorted other wrist trinkets.

Perhaps most telling is the "Don't Worry Be Happy" (holler at Bobby McFerrin) top he's sporting. It's an appropriate slogan for his acoustic, ebullient emo-folk. Can't wait to hear it in all its glory when his What Is Love album finally drops in January.

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