Lady Gaga Was An Adorable — And Normal — Child In These Early Photos

(Credit: Seth Poppel/ Yearbook Library/ In Touch)

This just in — Lady Gaga looked very normal and cute as a young girl. This may come as a shock to you since you’re used to seeing Lady Gaga looking like this:

… Or like this:

… Or this:

… Or this:

… But beneath all that blood, lace, and Latex, Lady Gaga — born Stefani Germanotta — used to be Just Like Us — a little girl who went to Catholic school and danced with her daddy during high school, as evidenced by these early Gaga photos from In Touch. Unlike us, Lady Gaga resembled a young Madonna in that iconic photo at her communion:

(Credit: Christoper Ciccone/ NY Post)

Also, unlike us, Lady Gaga grew up to be one of the biggest performers on the planet. Still, enjoy these portraits of the artist as a very young lady… before she looks like this again.

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