Mayday Parade Buzzworthy Blog Fan Interview

(Credit: Liza Chrust)

Last month we told you all about how Mayday Parade were taking some time out of their busy lives or rocking out and promoting their recent album Anywhere But Here to answer your questions for Buzzworthy.  Well, deep breath, that day has finally arrived.

Hovered over the official Buzzworthy Fan Question Machine 6000 (a.k.a. a laptop), the Florida emo-pop band got down to business.

Answering a wide range of questions, Mayday talk about how the band has changed in the time between 2007's A Lesson In Romantics and Anywhere..., some embarrassing on-stage moments, pre-show rituals, the respective merits of waffles versus pancakes and tons more.

Check out this epic Mayday Parade Buzzworthy Fan Interview. After all you guys did all the heavy lifting, it's time to enjoy the fruits of your labor!