New Interview: Gossip On Kathy Griffin, John Waters, & T.G.I. Friday's

(Credit: Michele Crowe and Liza Chrust, MTV)

For all their brazen, avant-punk-disco-making and unabashed style, Gossip are really just a bunch of sweethearts from Arkansas.

The trio, led by voluble singer Beth Ditto, took time out of being fabulous and promoting their recent Music For Men album, to chat with us for this episode of "The 5."

Beth Ditto, while getting adorably distracted by drummer Hannah Blilie's earrings, talks about her hatred for unfunny rude people (like Kathy Griffin), and her appreciation for funny rude people (Janeane Garafalo).

Gossip also shares their affection for the films of John Waters, the food of T.G.I. Friday's, and accuses the Olive Garden of smelling like doodoo.

Get to know Gossip a lil' better with this episode of "The 5," and check out the video for their song "Heavy Cross," from Music For Men, below.