Rihanna Is Bringing Back The Bodysuit. Hard.

Rihanna's no stranger to weird and barely-there fashion choices: In just the past few months alone, we've seen Rihanna in a totally see-through dress, Rihanna in no pants at all, Rihanna wrapped in barbed wire on her "Russian Roulette" single, and Rihanna in a white catsuit that shoots lasers.

So we should HARDLY be surprised that when Rihanna landed in JFK Airport last week, she was wearing what looked like that bastion of '90s fashion -- the BODYSUIT! As in, the kind that snaps at the crotch! Now, I have no proof that Rihanna's striped bodysuit was actually the kind that snaps close to your no-no spot, but given the extent to which that thing was ridin' high, I'd say dollars to donuts Rihanna -- whose "Hard" video premieres on MTV this Thursday, December 17 -- is bringing back the totally '90s throwback bodysuit.

Would you rock the classic '90s bodysuit? If you dare... Check out Forever 21's striped bodysuit.

... Or, go harder with this vintage striped bodysuit from Vagabond NYC.