Video You Need To Know: Chevonne, 'My Menorah'

Not that Christmas is super sexy, but Chanukkah, which starts tonight (yes, y'all!) is decidedly less so. The Dreidel song and Adam Sandler's ode to the holiday and famous Jews are fun, sure, but they lack that certain... Je ne sais quoi. Clearly singer Chevonne -- who was obviously raised on a steady diet of '90s R&B booty jams and a side of New Jack Swing (surely she and Ginuwine crossed paths in a past life?) saw that hole in the Chanukkah market and rose to the occasion with "My Menorah," her innuendo-filled ode to the festival of lights. Never before have I equated Chanukkah with the desire to put on somethin' sexy, fire up a hot tub, and pop bottles with models. Is this the Chanukkah version of "D++k In A Box"? You decide.

Ginuwine |MTV Music