New Interview: Flyleaf On House Pets And Waiting Tables

With their haunting, epic rock sound and gothic videos (see the fire-riddled clip for "Again") we thought it might be a good idea to get to know the ordinary folks behind all the drama that is Flyleaf.

In this new episode of "The 5" Flyleaf members Jared Hartmann and lead singer Lacey give us some ordinary details about their ordinary lives. Hartmann fondly recalls the adoption of his dog, and Lacey recounts the dozens of waitress jobs that sustained her before Flyleaf went full time (seriously, if you ate a meal at a restaurant in Texas in the beginning of the decade, you probably were served by Lacey).

They also talk about bassist Pat Seals' artwork, which you can take a peek at on their most recent release, Memento Mori, which came out last month.