Jay-Z's Problems Vs. Tiger Woods' Problems: A Visual Study

You know with this Tiger Woods thing...it's hard because every time I think of a joke I feel like I get sucker-punched with some new, increasingly sordid, privacy-invading detail (Ambien sex??), and I lose my train of thought. It's hard to be me. Though, it's probably harder to be Tiger Woods right now.

Luckily, the Internet was invented for just such reasons (ask Al Gore). For not only is it the main source for all the breaking hearsay on Tiger's alleged many, many, many mistresses and the effect all this will have on his short game, it's also the source for all humor on the matter.

Check out this handy chart (via Buzzfeed) for a handy visual comparison between Tiger Woods' relative problems and birthday boy Jay-Z's. And, oh yeah, happy 40th, Hov!

+ Bonus chart: Andrew Kuo's R Kelly's "Trapped In The Closet" diagram