Songs You Need To Know: Alicia Keys With Drake And Beyonce On 'Put It In A Love Song' and 'Unthinkable'

As Ron Burgundy might say, keep your head on a swivel: there's mad elements of freedom flying around these Internets today, friends.

Alicia Keys' fourth studio platter (Element Of Freedom) is so hotly desired and breathlessly anticipated that a couple jams from the album have already trickled out.

We've hipped you to "Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart," and its superhero-themed video. Then yesterday saw the soft release of Keys' sequel to her and Jay-Z's chart-buster, "Empire State Of Mind," with the appropriately titled, "Empire State Of Mind Part II: Broken Down."

Finally, today, we get two (2!) new jams from the piano woman. The initial tracks we've heard from Element... have been a little... what's the best way to put this... classy? Really regal, soft focus, romantic (perhaps lacking a little bit in the attitude department).

So it's nice to hear Alicia let her hair down with Beyonce on "Put It In A Love Song." It's got a floor-board-shaking beat and some really playful, old school hip-hop interplay between "B. and A.," as they refer to themselves.

The other Alicia Keys track that popped up is "Unthinkable." It's closer to the previously released tracks; soft, relaxed and lovelorn. It also, unofficially, features Grammy-nominated rookie Drake on backing vocals.

+Listen to Alicia Keys' "Put It In A Love Song," featuring Beyonce and listen to "Unthinkable" (possibly featuring Drake) here.