New Interview: A Rocket To The Moon On Dance Crews, And 'Single Ladies'

(Credit: Michael Greenberg)

On stage and on record, A Rocket To The Moon -- the Massachusetts emo-pop band who sound like the offspring of Fountains Of Wayne and Jimmy Eat World and just came off the Op tour with Boys Like Girls -- play ebullient, energetic rock. So it's kind of charming to see these dudes play it cool and relaxed in this episode of "The 5."

Singer Nick Santino breaks down the frankly epic, state-crossing tale of how A Rock To The Moon came together (solo shows, flights to Arizona, and skeptical drummers are involved).

Then guitarist Justin Richards reveals his sordid association with a teenage dance crew and his tangential relationship to one of Beyonce's "Single Ladies" dancers.

Hear about all that and more in the episode of "The 5" as well as their Chinese lantern-filled video for "Mr Right" below. And check out A Rocket To The Moon's On Your Side video, which was released in October.

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