All Time Low's Jack Barakat Tweets About His Diarrhea

Used to be you couldn't get closer to your idols than a photograph in a magazine or a highly sanitized Thanksgiving TV special. These days, thanks to the in-your-face-ness of Twitter, you can pretty much spend your day with your favorite celebrity and live life knowing the very second that Justin Bieber's throwing back lemonade, when Taylor Swift's smelling brooms, when Deborah "Debbie" Gibson's farming nuts, and when Demi Lovato feels like getting snuggly. Knowing intimate details of celebrity life is a commonplace daily expectation now that you and your favorite celebrities can even Tweet from the toilet... which may or may not have been where All Time Low's Jack Barakat "let loose" and sent the following Tweet relating to the climate of his colon:

Now again, that's "A lot of people ask me 'Jack due to your crazy lifestyle do you get a lot of diarrhea? The answer is Yes I do."

Now some of you may find that totally ill, and I understand. But I applaud All Time Low's Jack for being so open and honest about the state of his shiz. In the future, when I stop to wonder if stars really are like us, I'll have Jack Barakat and his refreshingly honest exposure of his excretory system. I'm also impressed that he spelled "diarrhea" right! That's a hard one!

And that is why Jack Barakat's doody dispatch is one of the greatest celebrity Tweets of all time. ALL TIME!