New Video: A Clear Blurr, 'Barely Breathing'

Buzzworthy's favorite Jersey boys (er... besides the Jonas Brothers!) A Clear Blurr -- Tom Kenney, Karl Pearson, Cole MacDonnell, and Kevin Nicotera -- just dropped their brand-new video, "Barely Breathing," and it delivers all of the 1980s-style high school hijinx you'd expect from guys who named their latest album Trigonometry. The new-school blink devotees and Warped Tour grads keep it old-school with irresistibly sing-along-able power-pop hooks and a femme fatale who looks like stepped out of the Twilight series.

Watch A Clear Blurr's "Barely Breathing" video, and then drop your books and run to A Clear Blurr's Myspace to listen to their cover of Black Eyed Peas' "I Gotta Feeling."