Buzzworthy Obsession: Locksley's 'Darling, It's True' Video

Hats off to the Brooklyn-via-Wisconsin band Locksley. They know how to keep time. In this video for their song, "Darling, It's True," the four-piece speed up and slow down all over NYC, with director Chris Stocksmith's camera always arriving just in time.

It's always nice to see a clip that perfectly captures the attitude and energy of a song. And with this video, the song becomes as much a love letter to a city as it does a girl.

Love the hand-claps by the newsstand (with the cashier getting in on the action), the sped-up, slowed-down film speed, and the way Stocksmith flips it and reverses it a few times, sending singer Jesse Laz back in time.

It all makes for a great, innovative clip that matches up nicely with the upbeat jam underneath. Look for Locksley's Be In Love album next year.