Rad Or Bad: Necklaces Made Of Actual Parrot Heads

'Tis the holiday season, people are going crazy shopping, and you know how there's that old cliche about "what to get for the girl who has everything?" Um, I GUARANTEE YOU that the girl who has everything does NOT have a necklace made of a real parrot's head. Now don't freak and run off and scream on the phone to someone at PETA. Etsy artist Loved To Death, who specializes in taxidermized jewelery -- bird wing necklaces or mouse butcher shop dioramas (see below), anyone? -- didn't hack off this poor parrot's head and mount it. The parrot died of natural causes (loneliness?) and is living a rich, ostensibly joyful second life as a $350 necklace. Call me skittish, but I'd prefer the Justin Bieber scarf in my stocking.

+ Would you wear a parrot head necklace?

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