Exclusive Buzzworthy Video: On Tour With One EskimO

Here we have a candid, funny look at a band on the road. One EskimO, the London four-piece who released their self-titled debut album of Coldplay-meets-Dave-Matthews acoustic rock in September, were recently carousing and gallivanting through the States. And the boys were nice enough to capture some of their experiences on tape and send 'em our way.

Soundtracked largely by their delicate "UFO," the band ride escalators and play live at Comic-Con in San Diego, where they learn some essential surfer slang ("cowabunga" is used liberally).

We also get some nice footage of the group casually playing in Louisiana and threatening to blow huge stacks in Vegas. It's a lovely, impressionistic travelogue. Check out the band's video tour diary, as well as their clip for the song "Kandi," below.