DJ Khaled REALLY Likes McDonald's McCafe Hot Chocolate

Whatever you had for lunch today, I guarantee that it didn't sound anywhere as good as the way Miami rapper/ radio personality DJ Khaled makes McDonald's sound.

I don't care if your beef consumtion is limited to free-range, grass-fed, Montessori-schooled cows only. You will go cuckoo for Mickey D's once you hear these absolutely inspired works genius that are these (possibly fake) DJ Khaled McDonald's radio drops.

Khaled, in case you haven't heard him shattering ear drums with his screamed mantra, "WE THE BEST," is responsible for rap-albums-as-Michael-Bay-movies such as We The Best, Listennn...The Album and next year's Global. They're full of high-priced talent stuffed into glossy, epic jams and they rule in a totally ridiculous way.

After listening to these radio ad's (especially the one focusing on the steamed milk and whipped cream heaven that is a McD's hot chocolate) you will no doubt be one of the one billion served. Get on line, people.

+ Listen to DJ Khaled's McDonald's McCafe hot chocolate radio promos here and here. And stay tuned for the premiere of DJ Khaled's new video, "Fed Up," featuring Usher, Young Jeezy, Drake, and Rick Ross on MTV and tomorrow.