Song You Need To Know: Alicia Keys, 'Empire State Of Mind Part II: Broken Down'

The empire strikes back. The original "Empire State Of Mind," a collaboration between Jay-Z and Alicia Keys taken from Hov's Blueprint 3, was/is ubiquitous. A number one hit that has soundtracked the World Series, become an award show staple, and rings out of most cars driving around New York City.

So it was pretty much inevitable that Alicia would go back to the well when it came time to release her new album, Element of Freedom (due out December 15th). "Empire State Of Mind Part II: Broken Down" finds Alicia Keys in her element; swirling piano runs, strings and her soaring voice. The lyrics reinforce the cliched-but-heartwarming postcard-esque sentiment of the original's chorus. Start spreading the news.

+ Listen to Alicia Keys' "Empire State of Mind Part II: Broken Down" here.