Exclusive Buzzworthy Video: Forever The Sickest Kids Visit A Fortune Teller

If you're into the Mayan calendar (or an avid John Cusack fan) you probably think the world is going to end in 2012. In which case getting your fortune told is probably a moot point.

For the rest of us, Forever The Sickest Kids -- who just dropped The Weekend: Friday and rocked the Lions/ Packers half-time show -- are here, with a little help from famed mystic Zoraidar, to tell us what's gonna be up and what's gonna go down in 2010.

Will flannel shirts still be the hipster garment of choice? Will texting overtake email as the favored mode of communication? What else lies ahead? You'll have to watch Forever The Sickest Kids' chance encounter with a soothsayer. It's like the movie Big except no one... gets bigger.