Song You Need To Know Now: 30 Seconds To Mars Featuring Kanye West, 'Hurricane'

Sharing impeccable, if idiosyncratic dress sense and a penchant for self-involvement, Kanye West and Jared Leto have found kindred spirits in one another. Begging the question, why not collaborate? To which we answer, "Ok! Here is a six-minute epic jam sesh between 30 Seconds To Mars and Kanye West. You're welcome!"

"Hurricane" is a behemoth. I guess if you're going to go and name a song "Hurricane" you might as well go all in and make a long, digital-glitch, goth epic with swaths of strings, keys and a heaping dollop of AUTO-TUNE.

Yeah, that's where Kanyeezy comes in, singing about heartbreak through a computer. All in all, it's an interesting combination of sensibilities; the widescreen emo of 3STM and the widescreen hip-hop/soul of West. "Hurricane" is from 30 Seconds To Mars' long-awaited This Is War, due out December 8th.

+Listen to 30 Seconds To Mars, 'Hurricane,' featuring Kanye West here.