Spankin' New Music Week: Rihanna Talks Late Nights, London, And Broken Hearts

For months before her new tracks started to surface, Rihanna's state of mind was something of mystery. So it's been sort of a strange thrill to finally hear her open up over these last few weeks.

Moving past the Chris Brown incident -- see her new video, "Russian Roulette" video -- it's been nice just to hear her speak candidly about her life, her strength, and her music in that alluringly irresistible Barbados accent.

In this Spankin' New Music Week edition of "The 5" Rihanna talks mostly about her music (yes, in that accent). She also spills on  the late inclusion of "Photographs" to her Rated R album, the late-night recording sessions with British producers Chase & Status that make up the LP, and the role the city of London played in its creation.