New Interview: 50 Cent On 'Before I Self Destruct,' Getting Rich And... Relationships?

Whoa, kinder, gentler 50 Cent alert! Far be it from me to make such proclamations, but it would seem, based on this episode of "The 5," that Curtis is, dare we say it (we dare!), getting softer with age?

In honor of Spankin' New Music Week, and in recognition of his new album, Before I Self Destruct, we sat down with 50 Cent to talk about the new LP and its connection to his first album, Get Rich...Or Die Trying.

50 Cent also goes on to talk about the get-together-then-break-up relationship arc across his two singles, "Baby By Me," and "Do You Think About Me."

Check out the thoughtful, sensitive, and reserved 50 Cent (who knew!?) in this episode of "The 5."