Spankin' New Music Week: Shakira Talks Lil Wayne And The 'She Wolf' Inside Of Every Woman

Usually when we post a video of Shakira these days, it involves the Colombian singer in a state of choreographed writhing, be it in her "She Wolf" video, or her "Did It Again" video. So it's nice to see a video with just some writhing-free chatting going on, for once, because it's easier to concentrate, you see...

As part of Spankin' New Music Week, we sat down with Shakira for a very informative episode of "The 5,"  which finds her going into great depth on the themes surrounding her just-released album, She Wolf.

Shakira talks about the album as an examination of various modes of female identity. She also gives some insight into the special recipe she follows to blend together all the disparate forms of music that find their way on to the album (from Jamaican dancehall to electronic to the music of her native Colombia), as well as the special roster of artists she collaborated with, including Wyclef "Hips Don't Lie" Jean and Lil' Wayne.

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