Song You Need To Know: Rihanna, Featuring Justin Timberlake, 'Hole In My Head'

As we mentioned earlier today (while discussing her neck tattoo), Rihanna's Rated R is, generally, a pretty gloomy affair. Rainy days, cloudy skies; pure pain, a lot of ballads, and slow, creeping beats.

So it should come as no great surprise that, despite the star power involved, "Hole In My Head," a collaboration between Rihanna and Justin Timberlake, was relegated to bonus-track-status (and not even, U.S. bonus's U.K.-only!).

Unlike Rihanna and Justin Timberlake's first collabo, "Rehab," "Hole In My Head" is a jumping, jittery song, reminiscent of Justin's Futuresex/Lovesound or Timbaland's "The Way I Are." It's a fun, dance-y, Pussycat Dolls-leaning number, but it would have stuck out on the moody Rated R.

+ Listen to Rihanna featuring Justin Timberlake, "Hole In My Head."