Is Bill Kaulitz Morphing Into Prince?

Let's hope so! Here's the Tokio Hotel frontman at the premiere of Arthur und die Minimoys 2 - Die Rueckkehr des Boesen M' (Arthur 2) -- he voiced the part of Arthur -- at Cinestar Sony Center movie theater in Berlin this weekend. And boy, does Bill got that purp!

Bill Kaulitz was resplendent in the royal color, an enormous (yet chic!) granny sweater, and platform wedges, which made us think perhaps he's making a not-so-subtle nod to the original Purple rocker, Prince.

And why not? Both Bill and Prince have a flamboyantly charismatic stage presence, as well as a penchant for gravity-defying hair and sparkles. And both Bill and Prince command undying support from an army of loyal followers.