Rihanna's Neck Tattoo Is 'Rated R'

Did you know that Rihanna's new album, Rated R, is out today? No? Well Rihanna herself would like to remind you with a helpful piece of tattoo-as-album advertisement.

Rihanna rocked the temporary tattoo at last night's American Music Awards. In truth, it was probably the most subtle part of her performance, which included her being twirled around in some kind of S&M-style carousel while wearing nothing but a series of white straps, and then doing a a metallic-tinged "Hard" (which, sadly, did not feature an appearance from Young Jeezy like it does on record.)

The tattoo was added between the time Rihanna hit the red carpet and the stage (see before and after pics above). Perhaps she thought it just went with the light-up studded shoulder pads?

Rated R, which the tattoo so suggestively reminds us about, Rated R, is a gutsy, dark turn from the pop princess; full of atmospheric, smoked-out tracks and, at times, nearly-gothic vocals.

Had no idea Rihanna could get that dark? Watch her "Russian Roulette" video.