Happy 17th Birthday, Miley Cyrus!

Happy birthday, Miley! 17 rules. Oh, also I heard you had an awesome girls-just-wanna-have-fun-style '80s birthday party in the U.SA. -- specially an '80s party right here in New York City. Guess my invite got lost in the mail. Anyway, hope you get everything a girl born Destiny Hope could have coming her way.

Oh wait, what would I get Miley Cyrus for her birthday? Even though I didn't get invited to her birthday party? Well for starters, I think it's time for Miley to FINALLY get into Twilight. So I'd get her Twilight. And maybe also a vampire t-shirt.

Then, I'd get Miley a Jay-Z CD ... probably The Blueprint 3. And I'd encourage Miley to watch this Jay-Z mash-up video of all of his album covers. A growing girl needs to expand her musical horizons!