P.O.S Staying Positive, But Gives Love To Animal Collective & 3Oh!3 For Best Performance Woodies Award

P.O.S. is staying positive about his shot at the Best Performance Woodie, but if he doesn't go home with the wood, Animal Collective's got his co-sign. And 3Oh3!. Don't sleep on either he says, noting that Animal Collective, "blew my mind off." And 3Oh3!? "Everybody thinks they got silly jams, but they put on a good show too," he said.

Describing his performance at the Woodies he said it would, "contain some raps." Gee, thanks! But seriously, he also said they'll be some "some cups and clapping." Huh? Well, for that explanation, you'll have to see a teaser of his performance in this clip. You only get a small taste, but it looks kind of inventive and interesting (peep the red cup in the picture above)

Check out this interview w the Twin Cities Rhymesayer to see why he can't stop reading sci-fi godhead novelist, Philip Dick and why the sweet Swedish sounds of Refused are blowing his mind.

Watch the 2009 mtvU Woodies Friday, December 4, at 10 p.m. ET on mtvU, MTV, MTV2, and Palladia.