We're Liveblogging The 2009 mtvU Woodie Awards!

The 2009 mtvU Woodie Awards are happening now in New York City -- a mash-up of music's famous faces, and on-point performances. And we're liveblogging it all on the MTV Buzzworthy blog. Stay here for the backstage, birdseye, and middle-of-it-all 2009 mtvU Woodies report. And watch the 2009 mtvU Woodies Friday, December 4, at 10 p.m. ET on mtvU, MTV, MTV2, and Palladia.

10:51pm -- We're off to the after party, see ya, it's been a blast! For more Woodies gossip, party reports and general madness check in with Buzzworthy tomorrow or check out highlights from the show on the Woodies site right now. We have tons of photos, red-carpet looks, rehearsal performances (some of which you saw here earlier today) and more. PEACE!

10:23pm -- Matt & Kim can't go anywhere without throngs of admirers following them. They're pretty much the Brangelina of the Woodies. Except they don't own several kids and possibly hate each other.

10:14pm --  is swaying along to "Treat Me Like Your Mother." Jack White looks like a cross between a pissed-off vampire and The Crow. In a way that works, though.

10:09pm -- is taking the Woodies to the church of bad news on all-white instruments. Allison Mosshart's on a square guitar, and I'm pretty sure it's got the devil inside.

10:04pm --Mary-Louise Parker drops an eff-bomb while intro-ing the Dead Weather! RAWK!!!!!!

10:02pm -- and Kim (of Matt & Kim) are exchanging phone numbers on the floor, David Cross is catching up with Matt Pinfield, and and , present, and they're each dressed totally future-forward. They're dropping Woodie of the Year.

9:51pm -- Jamie Tworkowski wins the Good Woodie for To Write Love On Her Arms, and dedicates the award to people battling depression and drug addiction.

9:43pm -- drops some knowledge on the Clipse. The vibe is straight-up old-school -- no tricks, no autotune, no stunts. Just hype hip-hop. And , bossin' behind shades, centerstage. Appropriately the crowd is dancing on barstools.

9:37pm -- The men of are launching tiny burgers into each other's mouths and ordering extra whiskey shots. A saucer-eyed, autotuned Janelle Monae intros the Clipse as the crowd yells out "You're beautiful!"

9:33pm -- Matt & Kim win Video Of The Year, and as their friends in the crowd toss their drink about 40 feet in the air, M&K bypass the stairs, crawl on top of the crowd, and rush the stage. They accept the award, thank pretty much everyone in one swoop, and Kim takes another dive off the stage.

9:27pm -- Death Cab just performed meet "Meet Me On The Equinox" to a mesmerized crowd but pretty much got the U2 reception when they did "Sound of Settling"

9:23pm -- MTV alumni Jon Norris and Matt Pinfield are catching up on the floor.

9:18pm -- David Cross has crown shoved into his pocket, and he's telling a Tom Cruise Scientology joke, for those of you who don't know what Dianetics is.

9:12pm -- Overheard, P.O.S telling someone "I just hope I looked cool," after someone congratulated him on his performance.

9:10pm -- P.O.S.just rapped over live flipcup percussion.

9:06pm -- Asher Roth gives out the Best Performing Woodie to Green Day. They're not here to accept so Asher stagedives instead.

9:04pm -- I'm down on the floor where all of the talent's seated, not at tables but at dozens of narrow glittery bars. There's a 1:2 ratio of kegs to celeb bar, and Oh The Story has their own personal shot waiter. Wisely, one member of Oh The Story cut himself off and ordered a diet coke.

9:00pm -- A production assistant carrying the next Woodie just rushed the award backstage.

8:59pm -- David Cross and the Clipse are having a heart-to-heart. Intense!

8:57pm -- Just walked by David Cross, who's dressed like he's going to a Superbowl party.

8:55pm --  gives out the Best Music On Campus Woodie -- an award she promises will lead to getting laid more -- to an ecstatic Hotel Of The Laughing Tree whose friends are freaking out on the floor behind me.

8:46pm -- Amber Tamblyn intros via Twitter. Passion Pit is clearly a crowd favorite -- we've got people on top of people's shoulders, air drumming (like the Rush scene in "I Love You, Man," but far far cooler...)

8:42pm -- 3Oh3! is presenting the Left Field Woodie... DRESSED AS LADY GAGA AT THE VMAS!!!! The red dress and the white bird's nest mask thing! Reference was made to soiled panties! :O  wins it and makes a Woodie joke and drops a KRS-One lyric!!!

8:28pm -- Never Shout Never has the shortest acceptance speech ever: "Power to the people!" Talks least, says most!

8:26pm -- Zooey Deschanel, darling as always in a darling dress, cracked a joke about not taking off her clothes as they swept up Matt & Kim's castoffs. She's presenting the Breaking Woodie Award, which goes to Never Shout Never!

8:23pm -- Pete Wentz, red solo cup in hand, is going rogue. Give that guy a mic and he'll take a mile. He just cracked a swine flu joke and dropped the "douchebag" bomb as he kicked off the 2009 Woodies!

8:21pm -- How'd do you get to college parties? BIKE there! Matt & Kim just biked here from Brooklyn straight into the lobby of the Woodies. They brought some friends who aren't just singing backup, they're stripping down to their skivvies for lessons learned. Undies party!!! Extra points to Kim -- she jumped up onto the drumkit and WALKED ON TOP of the crowd!!!!

8:15pm -- Jack White and the didn't walk the red carpet -- they basically ran it. Jack White needs a role in "Eclipse." Dude is whiter than a natural-born Cullen.

8:10pm -- Never Shout Never's Christofer Drew wins Best Dressed at the Woodies. Hands down. That Mickey Mouse sweater deserves its own award.

8:03pm -- Woah... just ran down the red carpet! No sign of ...

8:01pm -- What's a college party without flipcup! The mtvU Woodies have their very own flipcup game going on at one of the bars. , just took aim. Isn't that how you get swine flu?

6:58pm -- The red carpet is under way, and I just caught up with breaking band Sparks The Rescue, who informed me that votes aliens are the new vampires.